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Paramours Smooch (Detective Conan) [Russian] [Eskar]

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Potemayo Vol. 2

Two gorgeous and hot curvy ladies are enjoying the beach in swimsuits that barely covers anything is a great way to start an hentai-themed story! It could be one of the stories as this issue has three of them- three stories with different moods as well as different sexual actions and a variety of starring characters from the popular show “Detective Conan”! Triple joy for those who love the show!

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POTEMAYO Vol. 4 (Meitantei Conan) [English]

Another collection of stories taken from "Detective Conan" allows you to look at familiar characters from a new angle that can only be done in the hentaiparody style! From one story you will be able to see what entertainment the wealthy crowd enjoys on a cruise, and the other story takes place in a an extremely bizarre castle!

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Potemayo Vol. 1

The investigations of Detective Conan could appear to be exciting and entertaining, however there are instances when powerful people who are connected with one or another case seek a reward. In this instance, the payback won’t be found in Detective Conan but the most beautiful ladies that he happened to work with. They will be found even though they might not be there at the same time or in different locations.

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[Studio Boxer (Shima Takashi, Taka)] HOHETO 20 (Detective Conan)

The comics based on hentai are sure to make adult readers extremely happy! of the “Detective Conan” series, and fans of the character Ran Mouri, in particular, since there’ll be a lot of secens with the character getting naked and having sex ofcourse! Although the plot is fascinating, you’ll have to understand the dialogues.

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[oo sebastian oo] The Cult Cafe

Is the one who is hypnotized capable of hypnotize others? That was the most likely thought the main character in the story was pondering in his mind when they pulled the magic trick on a gorgeous anime girl… There will always be more! The comic contains hypnosis stripteaseand threesome, and also a little of cosplay.

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Potemayo Vol. 3

An intriguing comic inspired by Detective Conan in which you will see how two busty beauty models try their hand at lesbian love. So the girls meet in a quiet spot away from prying eyes. Check out these beautiful ladies from Detective Conan. They are wonderful. Lovely smiles large boobs, and gorgeous sexually attractive bodies. The girls strip one another and kiss their nupples. Then , they leap onto the couch and begin to lick their wet nipsies in a the 69 positions. Then it’s time for the strapon..

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